How to Protect a Warehouse from Forklift Traffic

28 May 2020 Warehouse Equipment

Warehouses can see a lot of abuse over a few short years of operation. Focusing on speed and efficiency can lead to mistakes that cause damage to the warehouse, especially when operating heavy machinery, so it is important to know how to protect a warehouse from forklift traffic. At Unitran Manufacturers, we produce a wide variety of equipment that can be useful in warehouse applications, including different implements for protecting warehouses from forklift damage.

The Best Ways to Protect Your Warehouse from Forklifts

If you have forklifts in your warehouse, it is important to know how to protect your property and assets. Some of the best ways to make sure your warehouse is protected against damage from forklifts include:

Employee Training and Safety Standards

The very best way to ensure that your warehouse is protected from forklift damage is by properly training employees to use the equipment and uphold safety standards. Employees should know exactly how fast to drive their forklifts, where they need to stop, and how to lift different types of cargo. It can often help to set up a rewards system for upholding certain safety standards.

Safety Guards

While it is important to have properly trained personnel, it can also help to have an insurance policy against human error. Safety guards can offer a barrier that protects certain areas of the warehouse and stops forklifts from entering. They can also be used to protect delicate inventory or keep forklifts from getting too close to the edges of platforms.

Pallet Rack Post Protectors

When a forklift runs into pallet racking, it can cause damage to the racking as well as any inventory that is being stored on the shelves. Pallet rack post protectors can keep forklifts from ramming into the posts that support these shelving units.

Reflective Paint and Tape

Reflective paint and tape can be useful to mark off areas wherein forklifts are not supposed to drive. While these are much simpler and typically more cost-effective solutions to protect a warehouse than many other installations, they require that a forklift operator is paying attention to their surroundings and they cannot prevent many kinds of accidents due to negligence.

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