How to Remove Oil Stains from a Parking Lot

29 Apr 2021 Parking Lot Cleaning

Numerous oil stains on your parking lot or in your parkade are always an unappealing sight. They will not only cause cracking, potholes, or other damage if left alone but also reduce the overall appeal of your building or business. Though oil stains are easy to produce, they can be exceptionally difficult to remove. As experts in parking lot maintenance and parkade cleaning, the team at Atlas Power Sweeping has provided some advice on how to remove oil stains from a parking lot.

Methods for Removing Oil Stains from a Parking Lot

To ensure the full removal of oil stains from your parking lot or parkade, consider the following methods and advice:

Use the Right Chemicals

The correct chemicals, degreasers, and cleaning products make all the difference when attempting to clean an oil stain. Some cleaning products do not offer enough degreasing qualities to effectively remove oil, so it is important to choose a solution suited to the task. Proper application of these products is also important, as careless handling can lead to spills that seep into the ground or water. Most chemical products must be sufficiently diluted before application, so be sure to follow the directions for each solution to the letter.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing can be an effective method for removing oil stains when combined with suitable cleaning products. Hot water pressure washers are preferable, but cold water units can be effective as well. When cleaning with a pressure washer, ensure that you are not using a nozzle that generates too much pressure. Excess pressure can cause chips or cracks in a parking lot that could require costly repairs. Knowing when to use high pressure and when to use low pressure is crucial for ensuring results without damaging the surface.

Hire a Professional

If you are uncomfortable working with cleaning chemicals or pressure washers, consider hiring a professional to get the job done right. When handling chemicals or using a pressure washer, there are many elements to consider to limit the risk of accidents, injury, or property damage. By choosing a team of professionals like the team at Atlas Power Sweeping, you will get a complete and safe oil stain removal solution every time.

To learn more about how to remove an oil stain from a parking lot or to inquire about their cleaning services, get in touch with the Atlas Power Sweeping team today. Their experts can be reached through their online contact form and will be happy to assist you.