How to Repaint a Wooden Door

28 Nov 2019 Painting Services

Knowing how to repaint a wooden door will give you a clear idea of the steps a professional painter will take when working on your home. At Dunbar Painting, they understand the importance of having a clean, finished paint job both inside and outside of your home. That is why they offer a range of home painting services, including door painting.

1. Remove Weather Stripping & Hardware

The first step that a professional painter will take when repainting a wooden door is to remove the weather stripping so that the door can be closed after it has been painted. Once the weather stripping has been removed, the painter will then remove any hardware or mask the hardware if it cannot be removed. While most painters will prefer to remove the hardware from the door before painting, whether or not the hardware should be removed will depend on a range of different factors, such as the type of hardware, whether the door will be finished by sprayer or roller/brush, etc.

2. Repair & Sand the Door

Before starting to paint, a professional painter will repair the door with Bondo Wood Filler or another type of filler to help create a smooth surface. They will also take the time to degrease (if necessary), scuff sand to promote adhesion, and to sand the surface to remove any failing paint until the surface is no longer peeling and is completely smooth.

3. Prime & Paint the Door

If the colour of the door is changing, the product being removed is changing, or the door has sanded bare wood areas, a professional painter will prime the door first. Once the primer has dried, the painter will then apply two coats of paint (or more if the colour or product requires it) with a brush/roller or a sprayer. In the event that a painter decides to spray the paint, the painter will mask just inside the door, as it will need to remain slightly open when being painted to allow for full coverage.

4. Reinstall Weather Stripping & Hardware

Once the new paint on the door has dried, the painter will then remove any masking before reinstalling the hardware (if it was removed) and reinstalling the weather stripping.

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