How to Save Money on Crane Rentals in Calgary

17 Dec 2020 Mobile Cranes

There are many different factors that influence the cost of a crane rental for a job in the Calgary area. The type of crane being used, the amount of time it is needed, additional services required, the job location, and many other factors all influence the cost of a crane rental. If you are hoping to save money on crane rentals in Calgary and the surrounding area, it is worth talking to the team at Stampede Crane & Rigging in order to get all of the information that you need to make a good decision for your specific jobsites.

Tips to Save Money on a Calgary Crane Rental

Without the proper planning and procedures, crane rentals can get expensive quickly. If you are planning on renting a crane for a job of any kind, some of the best tips to help you save money on the rental include:

Go Local

Make sure that you look for a crane rental company with a hub close to your jobsite. This can help you save money on transit for the cranes. The distance from Calgary that a crane has to drive will often factor into the overall price of the rental.

Plan Ahead

A crane company that plans their operations out more intricately may seem more expensive from the outset, but they can actually save you money at the end of the job. Extensive planning and contingency plans can help to make an operation more efficient, reducing the amount of time that the crane is needed and mitigating mistakes.

Prepare the Jobsite

Make sure that you talk to your Calgary crane rental agency about how you can prepare your jobsite for the crane to come. If a crane is stuck waiting around for an extended period of time to begin work because of obstacles or a faulty timeline, this can affect the price of the crane rental.

Get the Right Crane

Different cranes can cost various amounts to rent. Talk with your crane rental company ahead of time to make sure that you rent the right equipment for all of the various tasks that need to be completed on your jobsite. This can help to ensure efficiency and keep costs down for your crane rental.

If you would like to learn more about how to save money on crane rentals in the Calgary area, or to find out about our services and how they can be of use to you, please contact the team at Stampede Crane & Rigging.