How to Secure a Dumpster from Wildlife

13 Feb 2020 Junk Removal

One persistent problem with using dumpsters is the fact that they often attract wildlife; however, knowing how to secure a dumpster from wildlife can help keep both humans and animals safe. At First Class Waste, they want to help ensure that you are properly securing your dumpster from wild animals. That is why their team has put together some simple steps that people can take to secure their dumpsters from wildlife.

1. Keep the Lid On

This is an obvious precaution that can be taken to keep animals from climbing into a dumpster and possibly getting trapped there. While it is always a good idea to keep the lid on, it is vitally important to do so at night, as this is the most likely time that an animal could approach the dumpster, taking advantage of the cover that darkness provides.

2. Keeping it at the Right Spot

Stationing a dumpster next to a wall, fence, tree, or even a utility pole is not a good idea, as these can provide a vantage point for an animal to access a dumpster. It is always a good idea to try to keep a dumpster at least three feet away from such objects.

3. Spray the Dumpster with a Repellant

You can easily make a repellant at home by mixing vinegar and water. This can then be sprayed on the ground around the dumpster with the help of a spray bottle. The strong smell emanating from the repellant will keep animals away from the dumpster. You can also use ammonia to make the spray.

4. Regular Waste Disposal and Recycling

Regular disposal of waste by means of recycling will help prevent further damage to the natural environment of wild animals, giving them less cause to forage in human populated areas.

5. Avoid Putting Organic Waste into the Dumpster

You should try to not generate too much organic waste comprising of food items. Putting this kind of waste into a dumpster has a higher chance of attracting a wild animal than non-organic waste. Any organic waste that needs to be disposed of should be placed in the proper organic waste bins and should only be placed on the curb right before collection times.

If you would like to obtain more information about how to secure a dumpster from wildlife, or if you are interested in one of their dumpster bin rental or garbage removal services, please get in touch with First Class Waste at 604-823-2116 or by filling out a contact form on their website.