How to Set Up Facebook Business Manager

9 Jan 2020 Digital Marketing

Any business that uses Facebook should also be using Facebook Business Manager, as this important social media tool is designed to make it as simple as possible for business owners to manage their Facebook business assets in one centralized location.

As digital marketing experts, the team from FirstPage Marketing understands how important it is to know how to set up Facebook Business Manager properly. That is why they are always willing to take the time to help their clients set up and manage their Facebook accounts.

What is Facebook Business Manager?

Facebook Business Manager is a platform that allows you to manage all of your business’ Facebook marketing and advertising activities in one location. Facebook Business Manager also makes it easy to control employee access to additional resources like the business Instagram account.

Some of the key aspects for Business Manager include:

  • Keeps business related activities separate from your personal Facebook profile.
  • Provides a central place for tracking Facebook ads with detailed reports on ad performance.
  • Allows you to give vendors, partners, and digital marketing agencies access to your pages and ads without handing over ownership.

How to Set Up Facebook Business Manager

To set up Facebook Business Manager, follow the steps below:

1. Create a Facebook Business Manager Account

The first step in setting up Facebook Business Manager is to create an account. While you will need to use a personal Facebook profile to confirm your identity, your coworkers and partners will not have access to any of the personal information in that account.

To create an account:

  1. Go to and click “Create Account” in the top right corner.
  2. Enter the name of the business, your name, and the business email that will be used to manage the account, and then click “Next”.
  3. Enter the business details (address, phone number, and website). You will also need to specify if you will be using the Business Manager account to promote your own business or to provide services to other businesses like digital marketing agencies do. When you are done, click “Submit”.
  4. Check for the confirmation email and click “Confirm Now” within the message.

Learn more about setting up your business on Facebook.

2. Add Your Facebook Business Page

Once you have created a Facebook business page, you can add your Facebook page to Facebook Business Manager by clicking “Add Page” on the Business Manager dashboard and entering in the name of your Facebook business page. If you have administrator access to the page you are trying to add, your request should be automatically approved.

3. Add Your Facebook Ad Accounts

If you already have a Facebook ads account, you can easily link your existing account from the Business Manager dashboard by selecting “Add Ad Account” and then entering the ad account ID, which can be found in Ads Manager.

If you do not have a Facebook ads account, you can set one up by selecting “Add Ad Account” followed by “Create Account” on the Business Manager dashboard. You will then need to enter in the account details and indicate that you are using the ad account for your own business. Each business can only add one account right from the start but will be able to add more based on the amount of advertising money that is being actively spent in the first ad account.

4. Add Employees to Help Manage Facebook Assets

Since managing all of a business’ Facebook marketing can be a big job, you can split up the work by adding other team members to the account, so that there is a whole team of people working on the Facebook business page and ad campaigns. To set up your team, simply click “Add People” on the Business Manager dashboard and enter in the business email address of the team member you want to add.

Here you will also be able to decide whether you want to give team members limited access or full access to the account. You will also be able to choose which pages and ad accounts you want each team member to work on. Once you are done adding people to the account, they will each receive an email with information about the access that has been given to them and a link for getting started.

5. Connect Your Business Partners or Digital Marketing Agency

If you have business partners or are working with a digital marketing agency, you can give them access to the account by clicking “Business Settings” at the top right of Business Manager and then clicking “Add” under “Partners”. In order for a partner or agency to be added, they will need to have an existing Business Manager ID.

Any agencies you add to your account will be able to manage permissions for their own team members from their own Facebook Business Manager account, so you will not have to worry about assigning and managing permissions for the people who service your account.

6. Add Your Instagram Account

If your business is also on Instagram, you can easily connect your Instagram account to Facebook Business Manager by clicking “Business Settings” in the top right corner of the Business Manager dashboard and then selecting “Instagram Accounts” from the left column. When you click “Add”, a pop-up box will appear. Here you will need to enter your Instagram login information and click “Log In” to link the accounts.

Setting up Facebook Business Manager will provide you with one easy location for managing all of your Facebook assets. To learn more about how to set up your business on Facebook Business Manager, get in touch with the digital marketing experts today.