How to Set up Scaffolding on a Roof

24 Sep 2020 Scaffolding

At United Scaffold Supply, we know that not all jobs that involve scaffolding are completely straightforward. Many jobs require special types of scaffolding configurations or other equipment in order to reach the areas that need to be worked on. Working on these structures can be dangerous when the scaffolding is set up improperly, so make sure that you talk with expert service providers if you need to know how to set up scaffolding on a roof.

Setting Up Scaffolding on a Roof

The techniques required to set up scaffolding on a roof will vary depending on the type of roof being worked on and the needs of the job. A scaffold being set up on the ground that extends onto the slope of a roof will be set up differently and require different equipment than a scaffold that is being started on a roof with no connection to the ground. Some types of scaffold can be set up directly on a roof without any problems, while others will require a platform to be built, so make sure you speak to your supplier about the best technique to use for your particular type of scaffolding.

If the roof on which the scaffolding is being set up has a reasonably gentle slope and is no higher than one storey, then the steps to set up scaffolding on a roof are as follows:

1.     Prepare the Space

Make sure that the roof is cleared of all debris and obstructions and be aware of anything in the area that could cause a problem, like electrical wires, trees, or gutters. Make sure that all of the tools and equipment that you will need are on the roof with you to limit the number of times that you have to travel up and down off the roof.

2.     Build the First Scaffold Level

Put together the frame for the first level of the scaffold. Once you have this assembled, install the adjustable feet and position the scaffold over the peak of the roof.

3.     Level Out the Scaffold

With the help of a partner, move the scaffold back and forth over the peak of the roof to get it into position and adjust the feet to make sure that the top of the scaffold is level. It is dangerous to work on a scaffold that is not perfectly level.

4.     Secure the Scaffold in Place

Using blocks or other materials, secure the scaffold in place by bracing the sides of the feet on the lower side of the slope.

5.     Continue Constructing the Scaffold

Once the base layer of the scaffold is set up properly, continue building up the rest of the levels.

If you want to find out more information about how to set up scaffolding on a roof, or if you are interested in discussing our scaffold rental services, please contact United Scaffold Supply at 1-866-820-6341 or by filling out a contact form on our website.