How to Start Building a Custom Home

30 Sep 2021 Custom Building

If you are considering building a custom home, it can be difficult to determine where to begin. From budgets and initial designs to permits and land preparation, there are many steps that must be completed before construction begins on your dream home. Understanding and performing these steps is crucial for ensuring optimal efficiency and quality, but this process can be difficult to navigate without assistance. As leading providers of custom home building solutions, the team at Northwest Construction understands how overwhelming this process can be. That is why they have provided some information detailing how to start building a custom home.

How much does it cost to build a custom home?

What to do Before Starting Construction of a Custom Home

If you are starting to think about building a custom home for you and your family, several steps need to be completed before contacting a construction company. Before construction begins, you will need to:

Build a Comprehensive Budget

Your budget will determine the size of your home, its key features, and the materials used in the construction process. Before performing any other step, you will need to sit down and create a comprehensive budget. This budget will need to include the price of the land, the cost of materials, and estimated labour costs at minimum. Other factors to consider include the price of appliances, electrical wiring, and landscaping elements.

Determine Your Timeframe

A large custom home can take 6-12 months to build, though some projects may take longer. This means that you and your family may need to live in temporary housing or with extended family for a prolonged period. Be sure to consider how long you are willing to wait for your dream home to be constructed but remember to be reasonable with your timeframe.

Find a Suitable Plot of Land or Existing Property

Regardless of the size or style, homes require land. Whether you are purchasing an empty plot of land or are buying a home with the intent of tearing it down, you will need a suitable amount of space for your dream home. Be sure to consider zoning regulations and city bylaws when purchasing a space as these will undoubtedly influence the size and dimensions of your home.

Start Creating the Design

While you will not need to have a professional design in mind before contacting a builder, you should at least have an idea of key features that you would like. Be sure to consider elements like the number of bedrooms, the number of stories, the type of layout, and your design/style preferences. This information will make the design phase easier and far more efficient.

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