How to Store a Mobile Loading Ramp

11 Feb 2021 Loading Ramps

Mobile loading ramps provide an excellent method of getting forklifts from the ground into a truck safely and efficiently. Because these ramps are able to be moved, there is no need for truck drivers to back up their trailers with tedious precision; the ramp can be positioned behind the truck after it is parked. If you have a mobile loading ramp for your facility or if you are looking into getting one, it can be helpful to get some professional tips on how to store a mobile loading ramp properly. At Dura-Ramp, we want to ensure that our customers get as much life out of their loading ramps as possible and we are always happy to offer safety and maintenance tips to reach that end.

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Storage Tips for Portable Loading Ramps

There are many great benefits to using portable loading ramps in a shipping yard, warehouse, or manufacturing facility. It is great to be able to load up cargo and then move your ramp conveniently out of the way until you need it again, but it is important to ensure that your ramp is stored properly to get the most out of the ramp and keep your facility safe. Some tips for storing your loading ramp properly include:

Store Under Cover

Although loading ramps manufactured by Dura-Ramp are able to withstand harsh weather without a problem, they will benefit from being stored in a dry space. Ramps are safest to use when dry, especially during freezing months, and any chips in the powder coat should be protected by being kept under cover to limit corrosion due to moisture. Any elements of the ramp that are not powder coated metal can also suffer due to moisture, such as wheels, mechanical features, or wood decking.

Lower the Ramp When Not in Use

If your portable loading ramp can move around on wheels, it is important to make sure that the ramp is lowered onto its legs when being stored. This can help to improve the life of the wheels on your ramp and keep them running smoothly, as leaving weight on the wheels for long periods of time can cause uneven wear.

If you would like to learn more about how to store a mobile loading ramp, or to find out more about the products we manufacture at Dura-Ramp, please reach out to our team so we can answer your questions.