How to Train Employees on Cybersecurity

27 Aug 2020 IT Services

Since most businesses today rely on technology to keep company data and customer information safe, it is extremely important to ensure that all employees are properly trained on how to protect the business’ technology from potential cyberattacks and data breaches. If you are unsure how to train employees on cybersecurity, the team from Next Hop Solutions can help. They offer a range of cybersecurity services including training employees and business owners on:

1. Making Cybersecurity Training a Part of Onboarding

Business owners should consider having cybersecurity training a part of onboarding to make new employees aware of the company’s cybersecurity practices right away. Since new employees tend to be a little anxious about adapting to a new work environment, they might not be as careful about paying attention to cybersecurity unless it is brought to their attention. Bringing up cybersecurity during the onboarding process can help ensure that are no weak links amongst the staff.

2. Password Security

One of the most fundamental elements of any strong cybersecurity plan is to follow password best practices. When training employees on cybersecurity standards, it is important to ensure that they create passwords that:

  • Are at least eight characters in length
  • Use lowercase, uppercase, symbols, and numbers
  • Do not contain complete words
  • Are changed regularly
  • Are not shared across multiple accounts

3. Recognizing Phishing and Social Engineering Attacks

Since the most common types of cyberattacks rely on human error, it is important to ensure that employees are trained on how to recognize and handle spoof email addresses, links, and attachments. It is also a good idea to train employees on how to recognize and prevent social engineering attacks to lower the risk of the business being hacked. Make sure that employees pay close attention to the danger of providing confidential information and data over the phone or through email.

4. Conduct Regular Simulations and Assessments

Once your employees have undergone cybersecurity training, you will need to assess their knowledge and skills to make sure that they are able to put their training into action. Consider creating simulations that test an employee’s ability to follow cybersecurity procedures properly. Those who fail to follow company cybersecurity standards should undergo additional training.

If you would like to learn more about how to train employees on cybersecurity, or if you are interested in their cybersecurity services, please contact Next Hop Solutions at 1-855-482-5141 or by requesting a consultation on their website.