How to use an Oil Spill Kit

25 Mar 2021 Workplace Safety

Oil spills can pose a significant safety and environmental hazard if not cleaned effectively. Once a spill occurs, workers must know how to respond to it in a timely and safe manner. To ensure that oil spills are contained and fully cleaned, operations should have an oil spill kit on hand. These kits are filled with products designed to limit the spread of an oil spill and absorb the oil for proper disposal. Though they are common for most operations, a well-stocked kit means nothing if a worker is unsure of how to use it. That is why the experts at Western Equipment have prepared some information outlining proper procedures and oil spill kit contents. As providers of quality oil spill kits and other environmental products, they can help you ensure that a spill is handled correctly.

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Oil Spill Kit Procedures

To ensure a fast and effective oil spill cleanup, it is important to have a clear procedure in place. The following steps can be applied to nearly any oil spill on a job site:

  • Assess the situation, equip proper PPE, and warn others. Before dealing with an oil spill, ensure that you are wearing gloves and goggles to protect yourself. Next, set up signs to warn other personnel of the oil spill.
  • Contain the spill to stop it from spreading any further. If possible, stop the source of the spill and then contain the spill using long oil booms or oil socks. For larger spills, it is a good idea to add a second oil boom around the spill about one foot from the first boom.
  • Once the spill has been confined, use the pads in the kit to start absorbing the oil. These absorbent pads should be left for at least 2-3 minutes or until they are fully saturated. If the pads become saturated, remove them and place them in a safe disposal bag/bin. Then, add new pads to absorb the rest of the oil.
  • Dispose of all oil booms and pads once the oil has been fully absorbed. These products must be disposed of in the marked bags from the oil kit and secured using a tie from the kit. These bags can then be disposed of in compliance with local waste regulations.
  • Restock the oil spill kit to ensure that it is ready in the event of a future spill.

What Should be Included in an Oil Spill Kit?

To ensure that your oil spill kit is properly restocked, it is important to know what goes in it. Oil spill kits should include:

  • Oil pads.
  • Oil booms.
  • Protective gloves.
  • Goggles.
  • Disposal bags with ties.
  • An instruction sheet for new or inexperienced personnel.

To learn more about oil spill kits or to inquire about our environmental product solutions, please reach out to Western Equipment. They will work with you to answer your questions and provide the perfect solution for your needs.