How Wrapping Can Protect Your Tesla

15 Jul 2021 Vinyl Wraps

Tesla vehicles are innovative, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing, but they are not the cheapest option on the market. That is why many Tesla owners are looking into effective methods of preserving the appearance and condition of their investment to ensure lasting appeal. While most people think of Tesla wraps as a simple means of changing the exterior appearance, they are also a great method for protecting the paint, trim, and frame. As leading providers of quality wrap solutions for all types of vehicles, Wrap Guys understands how a great wrap can preserve the appearance of your vehicle. That is why their team has compiled some information on how wrapping can protect your Tesla from various hazards.

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What does a Wrap Protect your Tesla from?

Whether you are driving on the highway or parked on the side of the road, there are a variety of hazards that can damage your Tesla. A quality vinyl wrap can protect your investment from:

Stone Chips

If you need to commute for work or consistently drive on the highway, your Tesla will likely come into contact with small stones and other sharp debris. These objects can leave chips in your paint or trim, leading to unappealing finish flaws and costly touch-up repairs. A quality vinyl wrap adds a much-need layer of protection for your vehicle, keeping your paint safe from incoming objects.

Paint Scratches

Cramped roadways, parking lot shrubs, and other seemingly inconspicuous hazards can all result in significant paint scratches even if they are grazed while driving. Much like stone chips, a vinyl wrap adds another layer of protection for your Tesla, keeping your paint safe from unappealing surface scratches.

Weather Damage

Prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight, heavy snow, and extreme temperatures can affect the clear coat and paint on your Tesla, leading to bubbling and cloudiness. Vinyl is exceptionally resistant to extreme weather conditions and can keep your paint clear of any blemishes. This is especially useful for areas with unpredictable weather or for owners who will be parking their Tesla in open environments for extended periods.

To learn more about our Tesla wrap solutions, get in touch with the Wrap Guys team. They can be reached through their online contact form and will be happy to help you design the perfect wrap for your wants and needs.