Importance of a Pond Ecosystem

17 Oct 2019 Landscape Services

Whether you have a koi pond, a natural swim pond, or even a simple pond with no fish or other features tied to it, you should know the importance of the pond’s ecosystem and how to keep it balanced. Ponds are full of different types and levels of organisms that all work together to maintain the environment of these landscape features. If a piece of this ecosystem is thrown off, it can affect the health of the rest of the pond. At Fontana Landscapes, we are experts in pond installation and maintenance, and our ecosystem pond services are available throughout the lower mainland of British Columbia.

Why is a Pond’s Ecosystem Important?

The ecosystem within any natural body of water is extremely important, and this is especially true of ponds. Because ponds are typically quite small and are comprised of standing water, the cleanliness and appearance of the water is entirely dependent on the organisms that inhabit the pond. If the ecosystem is thrown off-balance, it can result in murky water, aggressive algae growth, and even the death of plants and animals living in the water.

What is a Pond Ecosystem?

An ecosystem is made up of a community of organisms living together and interacting with one another for the betterment of the group. In ponds, this environment is a biological system that includes plants, animals, and microorganisms interacting in a closed community. The plants function to give the pond structure and provide oxygen to the water, which helps algae and phytoplankton grow. Small organisms called zooplankton feed on this, and fish feed on zooplankton. Fish create waste which decomposes and feeds the plants, creating a full circle.

Why Introduce and Ecosystem to a Pond?

Without a full ecosystem, different parts of a healthy system can run rampant and unchecked, creating an unsustainable mess. With the right balance, an ecosystem pond requires very little maintenance to stay beautiful and functional, allowing it to provide entertainment and environmental benefits to your yard.

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