Important Things to Remember When Installing a Garden Fence

22 Jun 2021 Fencing Products

For gardens on farms or in remote areas, a fence can be all that stands between your plants and pests. If you are looking to install a fence to keep your garden safe from wildlife, pets, and other intruders, there are many considerations to keep in mind. As experts in farm fencing, garden fences, and other agricultural products, the team at Edge Wholesale Direct understands the qualities of an effective garden fence. That is why their team has provided some information on important things to remember when installing a garden fence.

Learn how to build a garden fence to keep animals out.

Key Considerations When Installing a Garden Fence

To ensure that your garden fence delivers the protection your plants and crops need, keep the following considerations in mind:

Remember to Dig a Trench

Before installing fence posts and mesh/wire, a good practice is to dig a 6×6 inch trench around the perimeter of your garden. This trench makes it far more difficult for rabbits, moles, and other potential pests to dig under your fence. A trench can also help with drainage, preventing flooding for your garden in the event of heavy rain.

Think About the Animals you Wish to Deter

The primary purpose of your garden fence is to keep certain animals away from your crops and sensitive plants. Observe which animals are in your vicinity and build your fence accordingly. Utilize deer fencing, rabbit fencing, or a combination of both types to keep pests of all sizes out of your garden. For large, aggressive pests, specialized fencing products may be required.

Optimize Durability and Stability

To ensure lasting effectiveness, it is important to consider durability and stability when installing your fence. Instead of filling fence post holes with dirt, consider using pour-ready concrete and ensure every post stays level as it dries. When installing fencing around the posts, it is important to ensure that the fencing is not too tight or too loose. As a rule, fencing should not pull on the posts, but there should be no slack along the fence line.

Consider Adding a Gate

Unless you want to walk around or step over your fence, you will likely want to install a gate. This gate can be constructed from leftover materials or purchased as a pre-assembled unit. If the gate does not touch the ground, ensure that a piece of lumber is installed beneath it to prevent animals from burrowing under it.

To learn more about garden fences, farm fences, and other agricultural products, get in touch with the team at Edge Wholesale Direct. Their experts can be reached at 604-857-2436 and will be happy to assist you.