Is it Cheaper to Wrap or Paint a Truck?

6 May 2021 Vinyl Wraps

If you are looking at changing the appearance of your truck for personal or business-related reasons, you have likely considered paint and vinyl truck wraps. While vinyl wraps used to be considered an exclusive and costly option, they have become far more affordable and can be installed at a price that is on par with most paint jobs. When determining if it is cheaper to wrap or paint a truck, there are several major factors to keep in mind. As experts in vinyl vehicle wraps, the team at Wrap Guys has compiled some information on each of these factors.

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What to Consider When Comparing Vinyl Wraps and Paint

Vinyl wraps and repainting services are the most common methods of altering the appearance of trucks and other vehicles. Though they are both effective for personal alterations and business advertising, they are significantly different in the following ways:

Customization and Complexity

When it comes to painting your truck, the final price will be heavily dependent on the level of customization and the complexity of the design. While simple paint jobs are often on par with vinyl truck wraps, complex jobs and unique metallic colours typically cost much more. Vinyl wraps are far easier and cheaper to customize as the images, logos, and designs can all be printed on the same layer of vinyl. While paint jobs will drastically vary in price due to complexity, vinyl truck wraps will remain fairly consistent regardless of the colour or design. Vinyl wraps can also be applied over certain windows of your truck while paint can not, further increasing value.

Installation and Removal

To repaint your truck, the old paint will need to be removed first. The truck can then be repainted, but it will require multiple coats, and each will need to dry. This is a time-consuming and costly process. For vinyl truck wraps, the vehicle simply needs to be cleaned and dried before application. No paint removal is required to apply a vinyl wrap, allowing you to easily “undo” the wrap if you change your mind. If you decide the alter the appearance of your truck due to changes in preference or rebranding, painting takes longer and often costs more. With vinyl, you can simply remove the wrap and clean the vehicle before applying a new one.

Durability and Maintenance

Paint jobs will vary in durability depending on the quality of the paint and how it was applied. Paint can chip and will require more maintenance over time due to washing and waxing. Vinyl, on the other hand, simply requires the occasional wash with a wet cloth. Vinyl is also a great method for protecting your existing paint from scratches and chips.

If you are torn between painting or wrapping your truck, a vinyl wrap is a simple and easily reversible choice that often costs less. To learn more, reach out to the experts at Wrap Guys through their online contact form.