Is Your Business Required to Have a Defibrillator?

20 Feb 2020 Safety Supplies

Keeping a defibrillator handy is always a good idea for any business, especially recreational facilities, skating rinks, stadiums, schools, and community centres. At EFAS, they understand that heart attacks often come without warning and, in the absence of quick medical aid, can prove to be fatal. That is why they are always well stocked with first aid equipment like defibrillators to help businesses cope with sudden emergencies. If you are unsure about whether or not your business is required to have a defibrillator, their team is always available to answer any questions you might have.

Why Should Your Business Have a Defibrillator?

Some of the main reasons you should consider purchasing a defibrillator for your business include:

1. Defibrillators Save Lives

If an employee or customer suffers a sudden heart attack, a defibrillator can help revive them and save their life. No business or employer would like to have a fatality on their premises and investing in a defibrillator can help prevent that.

2. Makes Economic Sense

Keeping a vital piece of medical emergency equipment like a defibrillator makes economic sense for a business because helping an employee recover quickly from a heart attack means that they will also be able to return to work sooner. Having a defibrillator onsite can also prevent a business from having to cover medical expenses and other liabilities due to a fatality.

3. Helps You Fight a Major Cause of Death

Cardiac arrests are one of the major causes of death in Canada. By including a defibrillator in the medical emergency supplies, a business will be able to not only provide medical attention to someone experiencing a cardiac arrest on the premises but also make a significant contribution in fighting a major cause of death in Canada.

4. Helps Enhance the Chances of Survival of Victims

One of the main reasons to have a defibrillator handy on the worksite is that providing timely medical assistance to a person who has had a cardiac arrest with the help of a defibrillator enhances their chances of survival when compared to only performing CPR.

If you would like to know more about whether or not your business is required to have a defibrillator, or if you are interested in any their safety equipment products like defibrillators, please contact EFAS at 604-294-EFAS or toll free at 1-833-294-EFAS or by filling out a contact form on their website.