Junk Removal: Cleaning Up After a Home Renovation

25 Oct 2018 Junk Removal

Cleaning up after a home renovation can be challenging, especially if you do not have a vehicle capable of hauling away large amounts of debris and junk. Sometimes junk removal requires organization and resources that might not be at your disposal, which is why the experts at Onestop Disposal offer a variety of junk removal and clean up services, including bin rentals for home renovations. To ensure that your renovation goes smoothly, Onestop Disposal has outlined some advice on how to efficiently complete one of the final tasks in your home renovation.

Organizing the Junk from Your Home Renovation

When getting ready to dispose of junk from a home renovation, it is always a good idea to keep the material organized, as most recycling depots and dumps require a certain level of organization. Drywall disposal is strictly regulated, and the drywall will need to be bagged in specially marked bags and disposed of separately from all other renovation debris. Make sure you research your recycling depot before you load out any drywall, as there are likely restrictions on how old the drywall can be, how much of it you can dispose of at once, and the condition that the drywall must be in. Most metal can be recycled for a refund at the proper recycling depots, so a bit of research could save you some money. If you have electronics or concrete, there are many recycling options. Damaged furniture and unusable wood or plastics can either be recycled or go to the dump.

Be Equipped to Haul Home Renovation Junk

The best option for hauling away junk after a home renovation is a bin rental. Trailers and trucks do not usually offer the same kind of space or weight capacity as a junk bin, and attempting to dispose of your own junk at a recycling centre, junkyard, or landfill can be expensive. Line-ups at recycling depots are often long, which can add time to an already lengthy job.

Due to the time and hassle of organizing and disposing of different kinds of junk, it can often be easier, faster, and more cost effective to use a junk removal company. If you are interested in more information about cleaning up after a home renovation, or if you would like to learn more about any of Onestop Disposal’s junk removal services or dumpster bin rentals, please contact Onestop Disposal at 604-613-5271. Onestop Disposal is proud to offer services throughout VancouverSurreyLangley, the Fraser Valley, and the surrounding areas.