Landscaping Ideas for Sloping Backyards

22 Jun 2021 Landscape Design

When it comes to landscape design, no two yards are alike. Every yard has unique dimensions, elevation, and other defining traits that have a substantial impact on landscape features. While many homeowners have a flat and open yard, many other homeowners live in elevated areas with sloped backyards. These slopes can slight or extreme and often present a challenge for landscape design and maintenance. As experts in landscaping for all types of yards, the team at Jovak Landscape & Design knows how to optimize the space in a sloping yard. That is why their team has compiled a list of landscaping ideas for sloping backyards.

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Landscape Designs for Sloping Backyards

The following design ideas and landscape features can transform your sloping backyard into a beautiful and relaxing outdoor space:


One of the best ways to deal with an upward or downward slope is to construct a stairway. Whether you choose to use wood, stone, or concrete, stairs allow you to easily access your yard while minimizing the risk of slips, trips, and falls. By adding a stairway, you can also create distinct “levels” for your yard with framed garden beds, stonework, and water features.

Rock Gardens

Hillsides and slopes can create substantial challenges for many types of plants due to soil erosion and poor drainage. To create a beneficial environment for plants and flowers, consider a rock garden. By arranging rocks of various shapes on your hillside, you create a stable base for plants that thrive near stone (stonecrops). In addition to their aesthetic appeal, rock gardens also minimize maintenance requirements for your yard.

Railings and Decks

Downward slopes can create steep drops that can be dangerous, especially for younger children. To ensure the safety of your family and guests, you may need to install a railing system at the top of the slope. Wooden decks and concrete patios are another great choice for backyards with a downward slope as they offer a great natural view of your yard. For extreme downward slopes, the deck can be supported with pillars to ensure optimal stability without obstructing the view.

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