Life Insurance: The Benefits of Buying a Policy in Abbotsford

5 Sep 2019 Insurance Products

The benefits of buying a life insurance policy from an Abbotsford insurance company can help you support your family in the event that you fall on hard times. At Mountainview Insurance, they know how important it is for you to know that your family will be okay after you pass on. That is why they offer a range of insurance products, including life insurance policies, that are tailored to your specific needs.

Reasons Why You Should Buy Life Insurance

While deciding if you need a life insurance policy can be a complicated process, especially for younger people, the benefits of buying life insurance can provide you with peace of mind. Some of the reasons why you should buy life insurance in Abbotsford include:

1. Life Insurance Will Provide for Your Dependents If You Die

One of the most obvious reasons for buying a life insurance policy is that it can replace your income if you die before your dependents. In most cases, people want their children to go to college and for their family members to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle; however, if you are the primary source of income for your family and you die prematurely, your family may not have enough money to cover their expenses. These problems can easily be addressed by buying enough life insurance from an Abbotsford insurance company.

2. Life Insurance May Be a Good Investment

If you are looking for a good investment option for your savings, a variable life insurance policy can be a great addition to any investment portfolio, as it allows investments in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. It is important to note, however, that there are some investment risks that you may want to avoid. Consider choosing a life insurance policy in Abbotsford with an investment feature that allows you to limit your risk with a guaranteed minimum death benefit.

3. You Can Sell Your Policy

In the event that you become terminally ill and need money to pay for medical expenses, you may be able to sell your life insurance policy to a viatical settlement company in Abbotsford at a discounted price. Doing so would provide the settlement company with the face value amount upon your death in exchange for paying the premium payments. This can be a great option if you are in need of a lump-sum payment and have no other cash resources.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of buying a life insurance policy in Abbotsford, or if you are interested in one of their insurance products, please contact Mountainview Insurance at 604-557-0255 or by requesting a quote on their website. Mountainview Insurance is proud to provide high-quality insurance products to clients throughout Abbotsford and the surrounding areas.