Livestock Panels for Sheep

12 Sep 2019 Farm Fencing

With the right materials, fencing in sheep can be incredibly straightforward. There are a couple of variables that will need to be considered when setting up a sheep pasture, but most of the materials that you need to set up livestock panels for sheep can be purchased through a fencing provider such as Edge Wholesale Direct.

Sheep Fencing Priorities

When fencing in sheep, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. The fence that you construct needs to serve two purposes: it needs to keep the sheep in and keep predators out. To meet these needs, a sheep fence should be strong and difficult for animals to climb over, and it should not have any gaps big enough for animals to squeeze through. For extra predator deterrence, electric wires can be incorporated so that animals are less inclined to attempt to dig under or climb over the fence.

Sheep Fencing Options

There are many different options that will work to fence in sheep. Whether you are using a permanent or temporary pasture, livestock panels make excellent sheep fences.

Wire Mesh Livestock Panels

One of the best systems for permanent sheep fencing is wire mesh livestock panels. These panels can be fastened to posts or board fencing to provide excellent containment for sheep. The small gaps in the wire mesh make it impossible for predators to pass through the fence and, when used in conjunction with electric fencing or barbed wire, predators will also be discouraged from going under or over it.

Corral Panels

Corral panels are an excellent sheep fencing system to use when lambing season arrives. They are easy to move and set up and they provide excellent security. If a pasture needs to be divided temporarily for the grass to recover or for paddock adjustment, corral panels are the best option to use.

Other Farm Fencing Options

While livestock panels can often be the easiest to secure and work with for sheep fences, there are many other farm fencing solutions that work as well. Woven no-climb fencing, field fencing, and even properly spaced wire strand fencing can all work to fence in sheep when installed properly.

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