Loading Dock Ramp Slope Requirements

16 Jan 2020 Loading Ramps

If you frequently unload and load cargo from your shipping yard, warehouse, or manufacturing facility, loading ramps can often be a necessity. That is why it is vital that your loading dock be built properly to allow your employees to use it safely and efficiently. At Dura-Ramp, we are able to manufacture loading ramps to meet a massive variety of needs and specifications, and we always stick to a strict set of standards to ensure that our loading docks are safe to use. One of the criteria that we look into when building ramps is loading dock ramp slope requirements.

Loading Dock Slope

What Should the Slope of a Loading Ramp Be?

Different facilities have different requirements for the loading ramps that they use. If a ramp is being used in a tight space, the length of the ramp may need to be shortened, which means that the slope of the ramp is affected and the rest of the loading dock system should be designed to make sure that it is still safe to be used.

Ideally, the slope for any loading dock’s ramp should be as low as possible. The higher the grade is, the more likely it will be that the forklifts, pallet jacks, or even foot traffic will be at risk using it. Forklifts could bottom out or lose traction with a steep grade.

Loading Ramps for Unique Circumstances

If a facility has special requirements for a loading ramp’s size or location, it is usually best to have a custom loading dock designed to suit the circumstances. By changing the position of the ramp or using a different dock design, you can avoid having a loading ramp that is too steep and ensure that it offers your forklift drivers easy maneuverability and convenience while remaining safe.

If a ramp does need to be steep, it is best to use welded metal grates for the decking rather than wood boards. This can allow vehicles and foot traffic to maintain traction, especially if the loading ramp is in a place where it might get wet, icy, or dusty.

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