Low-Maintenance Shrubs for Your Front Yard

6 Aug 2020 Landscape Design

When it comes to selecting the right shrubs for your front yard, it is important to select plants that will not outgrow the space that they have been planted in and will provide low-maintenance beauty for years to come. If you are unsure about how to select the best low-maintenance shrubs for your front yard, a professional landscaper like the ones at Jovak Landscape & Design can help guide you.

Why Use Low-Maintenance Shrubs?

Low-maintenance shrubs are highly versatile plants that will not only provide visual interest in your garden throughout the year but will also help improve the air quality around your home by filtering dust and other pollutants. Shrubs that are planted in the right soil condition and climate can live in your garden for many years and can help reduce soil erosion and stormwater runoff.

The Best Low-Maintenance Shrubs for Front Yards

Some of the best low-maintenance shrubs for adding curb appeal to your home include:


The easiest shrubs to grow in a front yard space are boxwoods, as they provide year-round colour, are resistant to disease and insects, and are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Some of the smaller boxwood shrubs, such as Franklin’s Gem Boxwood, tend to be low growing and can easily be pruned into a rounded form.

Magic Carpet Spirea

One of the best shrubs for adding curb appeal to any home is Magic Carpet Spirea. This type of shrub has red foliage that matures into a vibrant gold colour, as well as pink flowers that typically bloom in the late spring.

Dwarf Hydrangea

Dwarf hydrangea plants offer an excellent source of colour that is perfect for brightening up shady spaces. Since these plants only ever reach about 18″ in height, they are able to provide long-lasting beauty in a compact size and they require less maintenance and pruning than other types of hydrangeas.

Emerald ‘N Gold Euonymus

This type of evergreen shrub offers hints of vibrant gold and green foliage that provides year-round colour. Emerald ‘N Gold Euonymus is mounded in shape, giving it a tidy appearance that does not require a lot of maintenance.

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