Mistakes to Avoid While Using a Mobile Loading Ramp

20 Nov 2020 Loading Ramps

If you operate a facility that uses a loading ramp to get cargo in and out of trucks or other shipping vehicles, it is important to be aware of some important safety standards and procedures to ensure that personnel and property are kept from harm at all times. At DuraRamp, we design and manufacture all kinds of custom mobile loading ramp and dock solutions for industries of all kinds, and our experience as ramp manufacturers has equipped us with insight into some important mistakes to avoid while using a mobile loading ramp.

Loading ramp safety tips

Mobile Loading Ramp Safety: Mistakes to Avoid

Mobile loading ramps can be incredibly safe efficiency boosters when used properly. To ensure the safety of your facility and team, some of the common mistakes to avoid when using these ramps include:

Not Maintaining the Loading Ramp Properly

Like any equipment, mobile loading ramps require regular maintenance and checkups. These ramps are capable of supporting thousands of pounds, so it is important to ensure that there are no weaknesses that appear throughout the ramp’s lifetime. Any moving components on a mobile loading ramp should get special attention.

Not Taking Proper Caution in Winter

Although mobile loading ramps from DuraRamp are safe to use during any season, it is still important to operate them with caution during poor weather conditions and store them properly to help them last as long as possible.

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Not Checking Surroundings Before Use

Many shipping facilities can accumulate clutter easily, and tight quarters are common as well. Whenever operating a mobile loading ramp, it is important to ensure that all pathways are clear so that materials can be moved easily and safely.

Not Stabilizing the Ramp Before Use

Mobile loading ramps are designed to be easily moved around a shipping yard or warehouse, so it is important to make sure that their mobile functions have been disabled before using them.

If you have any questions about ramp safety or other mistakes to avoid while using a mobile loading ramp, make sure to contact the team at DuraRamp and we can help you to get the right product and safety standards set up.