Mobile Crane Uses for Agricultural Construction

26 Mar 2020 Mobile Cranes

Whether you own a farm or have been hired to install a structure by a farmer and need to enlist the services of a hoisting expert, it can be useful to be aware of some of the most common mobile crane uses for agriculture. At Stampede Crane and Rigging, we have a history of providing mobile crane services to the agricultural sector of Southern Alberta that goes back more than 30 years.

Mobile Cranes in Agricultural Construction

There are a variety of different ways to use cranes in agricultural areas, so it is always useful to have a mobile crane provider in your corner in case you ever need to rent a piece of hoisting equipment. Some of the different applications for mobile cranes in agriculture include:

New Building Installation

One of the most common reasons to rent a mobile crane in any industry is for constructing new buildings, and this is no different in the agricultural sector. Any time that a new building is being constructed, mobile cranes can come in handy and, in some cases, they are a necessity. New construction for farms could include barns, farm stores, storage facilities, food processing areas, workshops, living areas, and more.

Alterations to Existing Buildings

As a farm grows, it is often necessary to extend or change existing buildings on the property or to move portable buildings to different locations on the property. Mobile cranes can offer support for such projects in the same way that they are able to help with new agricultural construction projects.

Hoisting Equipment

Farming equipment is often incredibly heavy and requires special hoisting equipment, such as a mobile crane, to be installed. Whether it is a new feed silo, generator, or any other piece of equipment, mobile cranes can often be used to boost efficiency for both delivery and installation of the new equipment.

Moving Supplies on Rough Terrain

Many types of mobile cranes are capable of maneuvering over rough terrain safely and efficiently. If heavy supplies need to be moved across a piece of property and there is unstable ground that prevents other pieces of equipment from doing the job, a rough terrain crane might be able to provide a solution.

To learn more information about the best mobile crane uses for agricultural construction, or if you would like to learn about any of the mobile crane services available from Stampede Crane and Rigging, please contact us at the location nearest you to talk to any of our educated staff or fill out a form on our website and we will get back to you.