Mobile Crane Uses for Northern Alberta Wind Farms

15 Oct 2020 Mobile Cranes

If you are installing a wind farm in Northern Alberta, it is likely that you will need to enlist the services of a mobile crane rental company that has cranes capable of travelling over difficult terrain. At TNT Crane & Rigging, we have a fleet of mobile cranes that can be used for Northern Alberta wind farm installation and our team has experience with many industries, including the wind energy sector.

How are Mobile Cranes Used on Wind Farms in Northern Alberta?

There are many ways that a mobile crane can be made useful on a wind farm. Some common applications for different mobile cranes in wind energy include:


Getting equipment to a wind farm in Northern Alberta can be difficult due to the size and weight of the materials being transported. In most cases, mobile cranes are used to load and unload the materials used in wind turbines and in some situations certain types of cranes are even used as the transport vehicles. In many cases, wind turbine parts are transported by rail, so having a mobile crane company that is able to work with railway siding transloading and then help again at the wind farm itself can be useful.


Mobile cranes are usually required in order to reach the heights at which wind turbines are assembled. Wind farm construction sites tend to take place on hard to reach or underdeveloped terrain, so it is important to use cranes that are capable of traversing difficult ground.


Most wind farms in Northern Alberta require frequent maintenance services, as weather conditions can have a major effect on how long components of wind turbines last. It is normal for wind turbines to experience wear and tear over time, so having cranes on hand to perform regular maintenance checks, inspections, and routine upkeep is important.

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