Modes of Transportation in Logistics

15 Aug 2019 Freight Shipping

Learning about the different modes of transportation in logistics can help you determine which mode of transportation will work best for your particular shipping needs. At C&D Logistics, they want to help you select the best shipping option for getting your cargo to its destination in a timely and affordable manner. That is why they offer a selection of different transportation options including:

Road Transportation

As one of the most common modes of transportation, shipping freight by road makes it easy to move goods across various provinces and countries. While road freight offers several advantages over other modes of transportation—affordability, scheduled deliveries, flexible service, freight tracking, and local or over-border deliveries—truck transportation can be limited by size and weight restrictions, as well as impacted by weather, road conditions, and traffic.

Marine Transportation

Marine transportation is the ideal shipping solution for companies looking to move high-volume or heavy cargo, such as minerals, metals, ores, steel, etc. Shipping by ocean is also the most environmentally friendly and economical form of freight shipping and offers a higher carrying capacity than other modes of transportation. This mode of transportation provides extensive coverage around the world and allows shippers to have access to multiple carrier options.

Air Transportation

While air transportation is one of the most expensive modes of transportation due to the requirement of speed and cost of fuel, shipping cargo by air is critical for markets and supply chains that rely on expedited delivery services. Compared to other modes of freight shipping, air transportation requires less documentation and handling of the cargo and offers an enhanced level of security, as well as reliable arrival and departure times.

Rail Transportation

Rail transportation is an environmentally friendly, fast, and cost-effective solution for shipping large volumes of freight long distances, typically over 800km; however, it is important to note that at the end of the rail transit, the cargo will often need to continue the rest of its journey via road transportation. Shipping by rail is also one of the most efficient forms of land transportation, as one train can haul the equivalent of over 400 trucks.

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