How Much Do Dumpster Rentals Cost?

25 Jul 2019 Waste Disposal

If you have any kind of big cleanup project on the horizon, it can be helpful to know how much dumpster rentals cost before the project begins. There are a variety of factors that go into the cost of a dumpster rental and, at First Class Waste, they offer a variety of bin rental, delivery, and pickup solutions that are sure to help your job progress as efficiently as possible.

The Cost of a Dumpster Rental

Dumpster rental costs are influenced by a couple of variables, so be sure to know what you require for the type of job that you are doing before pricing out your dumpster. Some of the factors that can change how much a rental dumpster costs include:

The Size of the Bin

Depending on how much debris or junk is being removed, the size of the bin required for the job can vary. First Class Waste offers dumpster rentals for bins from 8 to 50 cubic yards. The size of the bin needed will directly influence the cost of your dumpster rental.

The Duration of the Rental

The other direct influencer of the cost of your dumpster rental will be the length of time for which you require the bin. If your project is going to last for a while, planning ahead so that the bin is only present when it is needed at the end of the project can help save you money.

Number of Disposals

If a bin needs to be emptied numerous times, those disposals will affect the cost of the dumpster rental. Although the bin pickup and junk disposal will be included in the cost of a bin rental, multiple pickups and deliveries can add up, so make sure that you rent a bin that is big enough to accommodate the work being done.

If you are interested in finding out more about how much dumpster rentals cost and getting an exact quote on a bin rental for your project, or if you are interested in any of their other bin rentals or waste pick-up services, please contact First Class Waste at 604-823-2116 or fill out a contact form on their website and we will get back to you.