What Does a Natural Swim Pond Cost?

11 Jul 2019 Landscape Services

Having a natural swim pond in your backyard offers an endless source of outdoor entertainment, relaxation, and activity. Most people think that installing a pool or pond on their property is an unattainable dream due to the expense, so they never bother looking into what a natural swim pond costs. The right swim pond can be quite affordable and, at Fontana Landscapes, they have a variety of swim pond options to ensure that their clients can get the best package for their budget and property.

The Cost of a Recreational Swim Pond

Although there are ways to make the initial price tag of your recreational swim pond more cost-effective, these installations are always going to be fairly substantial investments. Getting a swim pond built properly involves a lot of planning and work. It is important to do the job right for the sake of safety and so that your property is not at risk. The right natural swim pond can increase the value of your property by a large margin.

There are a variety of factors that go into how much a natural swim pond will cost. Some of these factors include:

Square Footage

The first and most obvious cost-influencing factor of a recreational swimming pond is the size of the installation. As the size of a swim pond increases, it takes more work and materials to build, and the cost of the pond rises. The size of the pond includes length, width, and depth.

Swim Pond Features

A swim pond will often include a variety of features, including waterfalls, fountains, and rock formations. Any of these features will influence the cost of a swim pond. Other features could include surrounding landscaping such as plant life, shade structures, lighting, and decking.

Materials Used

Because recreational swim ponds are designed to look as similar to a natural pool as possible, the materials used are frequently hand-picked to mimic the natural environment. Transportation costs for large rocks and boulders and the price of higher quality materials will all need to be considered when pricing a swim pond.

The Nature of the Property

The type of property on which the natural swim pond is being installed can often complicate the installation process. If a large amount of concrete or a piece of landscape architecture (like a gazebo) needs to be removed in order to install the pond, it will cost more than if it is being installed in the middle of a grassy field with no obstructions.

Ongoing Maintenance

Since swim ponds require very little maintenance, the ongoing costs of owning a natural swim pond are minimal, especially compared to those of a regular swimming pool. Electrical costs can be kept down by implementing high-efficiency pumps, and the natural filtration system ensures that the pond is kept clean without the use of an expensive filter or chemicals.

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