Natural Swimming Ponds vs Backyard Pools

12 Mar 2020 Water Features

Whether you are looking for a space for weekend swimming parties or you simply want to be able to relax by the water, you cannot go wrong with having your own water feature at your home. Knowing the differences between natural swimming ponds and backyard pools can help you to decide which one is best for you. At Fontana Ponds & Water Features, they provide water feature installation solutions throughout BC and they specialize in creating custom aquatic environments that feel as close to nature as possible.

Natural Swimming Ponds vs Swimming Pools: Which is Better?

Over the past few years, natural swimming ponds have been steadily gaining popularity over swimming pools for homes. Taking a dip in a pool on a hot day or relaxing poolside in the evening can be extremely refreshing, and this enjoyment is heightened with natural swim ponds. Some of the reasons to go with a natural swim ponds over backyard swimming pools include:

Water Quality

Swimming pools use chemicals rather than natural elements to keep the water clean and the water is typically much harder and harsher in pools than it is in ponds. In natural swimming ponds, the water is filtered and cleaned by plants and healthy microorganisms, just like in nature. This means that the water in swimming ponds is gentler on the skin and feels even more refreshing.

Environmental Friendliness

Because no chemicals are required in natural swimming ponds, they are better for the environment than swimming pools. Ponds also usually use less electricity, depending on the way the pumps are set up to move the water. Pools require the water be filtered more vigorously and, therefore, the pumps usually consume more electricity.

Facilitating Nature

Natural swim ponds require a closer relationship with nature than swimming pools do. The plants used in a pond to filter the water can be incorporated with the surrounding landscape to create a backyard habitat. With pools, the chlorine and synthetic pool materials keep all wildlife and natural growth at bay, meaning that the swimming experience often feels sterile.

Maintenance and Costs

Although natural swimming ponds often have a higher initial installation price tag than swimming pools, they cost less and take much less work to maintain than swimming pools. Swimming ponds are mostly self-sustaining and require only occasional checkups to ensure that the filters are working properly and the organism levels are in check. Pools require more ongoing maintenance to manage chemicals, clean the edges, bottom, and filter, and keep the systems working properly. Pool chemicals and maintenance fees can add up and overshadow the higher initial price tag of a natural swim pond quickly.

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