Do I Need a Notary to Refinance My Mortgage?

30 Jul 2019 Notary Public

If you own a home, it is always helpful to have a notary on hand whom you know can help you to navigate all of the financial mires that are associated with homeownership. At Sidhu & Associates, we often get asked the question “Do I need a notary to refinance my mortgage?” While it is possible to refinance a mortgage without the help of a notary, it is extremely beneficial to have a notary on your side in this matter to ensure that you are protected and that the deal benefits you.

BC Notaries and Mortgage Refinancing

As is the case with most real estate transactions, refinancing a mortgage can be done independently, but the benefits of using an educated and experienced notary for this procedure far outweigh the expenses. A notary public is able to represent their clients’ interests and ensure that they are protected in every detail of the transaction. Refinancing a mortgage is more complicated than simply borrowing money from a bank, and a notary can ensure that the borrower benefits from the process.

How Can a Notary Help to Refinance a Mortgage?

If you need to refinance your mortgage, enlisting the assistance of a notary can help you in a variety of ways, including:

Representing Your Interests

A notary will act on your behalf and make sure that you are not negatively affected by any of the issues that arise during the refinancing process. They will know what details to look for and which numbers to check on to ensure that you are getting a good deal and that the refinanced mortgage will not cause any problems down the road.

Taking Care of the Leg Work

The work that your notary will do in order to make sure that your mortgage is refinanced properly is work that would otherwise take you a long time. They will take care of gathering all of the necessary information for the bank and for your records, including applicable strata details, property tax information, and title information. They will also help to ensure that the proper home insurance is in place and manage any issues with the home’s title on your behalf.

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