Off the Grid Solar Panels for Your Home

3 Sep 2020 Licensed Electrician

Solar energy has been steadily gaining popularity and improving in value over recent years, making it an excellent way to get your home off-grid or even make a bit of money by selling your home’s generated electricity back to the grid. Whether you are looking into how to get power to your out-of-town cabin or you want to make your home more independent, a solar panel array on your home can make a big difference. At BNR Electric, we are passionate about helping our clients with solar power outfitting, and we would love to help you set up off the grid solar panels for your home.

Solar Panel Installations for Off-Grid Living

There are loads of great reasons to start living off-grid. Whether you are looking for privacy, proximity to nature, or you simply want to save some money, off-grid properties offer plenty of benefits. One of the main complications of living off-grid is getting electricity to your home. Solar panels are one of the best options for providing electricity to homes that are independent from municipal power grids. There are many things to consider when getting solar panels installed on your home, so make sure that you talk to an experienced professional to ensure you get the best option for your house. Things to keep in mind when getting set up with solar energy include:

The Amount of Energy Needed for Your Home

Make sure that you talk to your electrician about how much energy your home will require to run. This will determine the size of the installation, which will factor into the cost of the project.

The Location of the Solar Panels on the Property

One of the best places for solar panel installation for off-grid homes is on the roof. Rooftop solar panels are out of the way and they can typically be best positioned to absorb the most sunlight; however, the roof is not always the best place for solar panels. Many homes sit consistently in shadow or the roof angle is not optimized to catch the sun, so make sure that you plan out the location of your solar panels well.

The Type of Solar Panels

There are different brands and types of solar panels, and they all perform differently. Talk to your electrician about what the best type of solar panel is for your off-grid property to ensure that you get the best performance out of your new system.

If you would like to learn more about off the grid solar panels for your home, or if you would like to find out about our other solar energy services, please contact BNR Electric at 604-819-7887. We would love to help you find a solar energy solution that works for you.