Office Renovation and Design Ideas

29 Oct 2020 Custom Building

Renovating your business’ office space provides the perfect opportunity to create a brand-new look that will impress customers and employees. Whether you own your office space or you are looking for tenant improvement services, the expert commercial contractors from Twin Maple Construction can help you transform your office. In order to help inspire your project, our team has created a list of some of our favourite office renovation and design ideas.

1. Create a Hybrid Office

More and more office spaces today are being renovated in order to reinforce company culture and to promote a sense of lifestyle rather than just being a space that looks nice. Consider creating a hybrid office that includes workspaces, as well as a gym, fully equipped kitchen or cafe, and a games room. Doing so will help provide employees with a better work-life balance, while also helping you create a working environment that will appeal to potential hires.

2. Create Alternative Workspaces

Rather than having an office space where everyone is confined to their own little cubicles, creating alternative workspaces will allow employees to move from one area of the office to the next. This will also make it easier for them to collaborate on projects and to find new spaces that can help inject creativity into their work. Consider incorporating a variety of workspaces—breakout workspaces, collaborative workspaces, and private workspaces—into the design to provide your employees with more flexibility.

3. Incorporate Company Colours

Updating an office is the perfect time to inject new colour and life into the space. Rather than decorating your office with a neutral colour palette, why not choose decor that plays off of your company colours? Adding colours into the workspace will help add a sense of personality that will inspire your employees and will appeal to potential hires and customers.

4. Maximize Natural Light

Adding more natural light into the office can help provide a variety of health and wellness benefits to your employees. When renovating your office space, talk to your contractor about adding in new windows or about opening up walls to help maximize the natural light throughout the office. If you want to maximize the natural light in the space but do not want a completely open floor plan, consider using glass dividers instead of walls to make it easier for the natural light to fill the space.

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