Outdated Wedding Trends to Avoid

10 Oct 2019 Weddings

Getting to know some of the different outdated wedding trends to avoid will help ensure that your special day is both classy and trendy. At InStyle Floor Wraps, they understand how important your special day is. That is why their team has put together a list of some common wedding trends that have gone out of style for you to avoid.

Oversized Cakes

Rather than paying thousands of dollars on an oversized wedding cake that may or may not get eaten, consider buying a small and simply decorated cake. This will give you and your partner something to cut, while guests can be offered a selection of other small desserts to choose from. Since not everyone likes cake, consider offering guests mini pies, chocolate covered fruit, cookies, or other types of sweets.


Nowadays, tuxedos cost as much to rent as it does to buy a nice suit. Even though tuxedos can look sharp for certain occasions, a formal tuxedo has become outdated for weddings. Instead, think about spending money on a nice tailored suit that can be worn to a range of different formal occasions.

Huge Bridal Parties

The more people included in the bridal party, the harder it becomes to coordinate outfits and plans. While having a lot of friends is great, consider selecting only a couple of really close friends to be in the bridal party. Doing so will help keep things more organized and will limit the amount of voices and opinions that you will have to deal with.

Cliché Signs

Cliché signs can include everything from bad hashtags to drinks named after the bride and groom. Chalkboard signs are especially outdated, as the lettering on them tends to look unsophisticated. Instead of using signs, consider incorporating more decorations that tie into the overall aesthetic of the venue.

Two Dresses

While many brides these days opt for buying two dresses—one for the reception and one for the ceremony—spending all of your money on one dress will allow you to make more of a statement. Consider purchasing one dress and having it customized to tie into the wedding theme or venue rather than buying two dresses that you will only wear for half the day.

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