Piping Accessories: Types of Flanges

21 Nov 2019 Industrial Dampers

If you are assembling piping accessories for a plumbing or chemical transfer operation, it can be useful to know the different types of flanges. At Flextech Industries, we manufacture a massive variety of piping accessories, including many different flange types and sizes.

Types of Flanges for Piping

There are many different types of flanges that are designed to make it easier to assemble, operate, and maintain a piping setup and the different types of flanges are available in a variety of sizes to allow for larger flow volumes. Some of the different types of flanges include:

Welding Neck Flanges

Welding neck flanges have a tapered neck that can be welded to the end of a pipe to create a seamless transition between pipe and flange. This type of flange is available with various neck lengths and diameters. Welding neck flanges are ideal for high-pressure systems.

Slip-On Flanges

A slip-on flange is designed to be able to slide over the outer edge of a pipe, and can be welded in place. These flanges are perfect for hub points and they can take a different kind of pressure than welding neck flanges.

Threaded Flanges

One of the easiest flanges to use when assembling a piping system is the threaded flange. Threaded flanges are able to screw onto pipes and are usually quite secure, although welds can be added to increase stability. If an environment does not allow for welds due to flammable or explosive compounds, a threaded flange is often the only option.

Socket Weld Flanges

Socket weld flanges are similar to slip-on flanges, in that they allow the pipe to slide into place, but socket weld flanges only allow the pipe to access up to a certain point. This allows them to only require one weld to maintain stability, whereas a slip-on flange requires two welds.

Lap Joint Flanges

If the piping being used has a stub end, a lap joint flange can make life much easier. This type of flange is not meant to be welded at all. Instead, it puts pressure against the end of the pipe using bolts, and it is typically used in conjunction with strong rubber seals.

If you would like to find out more about piping accessories and the different types of flanges that are available, or if you are interested in learning more about the products that Flextech Industries offers, please contact us at the location nearest you or fill out a form on our website and we will get back to you.