Pond Building Supplies: What Do I Need?

16 Apr 2020 Water Features

If you are looking into what it takes to install a pond on your property, it is best to first know what kind of pond you plan to build and its features and purpose. A natural swim pond with a stream and waterfall will require different equipment from a small ecosystem pond with a fountain flowing into it, so it is often best to consult a professional about your pond vision before beginning. At Fontana Ponds & Water Features, our team has a vast amount of experience installing and maintaining all kinds of water features, and we can help you determine what you need for pond building supplies.

Supplies Needed to Build a Pond

Backyard ponds can be a great source of entertainment and relaxation, and the materials needed to install them are fairly straightforward. If you are simply looking to get started with a small pond in your backyard, it is entirely possible to do so with many of the tools that you might find in a garden shop or pond supply store; however, if you are planning to install a deep pond with other features and a natural aesthetic, it is often best to bring in a professional pond installer. Some of the supplies needed to build a pond include:

Pond Liner

Your pond will need a liner in order to keep the water from seeping into the surrounding earth. Most pond liners are custom made for the size of the pond being built to lessen the likelihood of leaks at the seams.


A healthy pond requires that the water cycle through the different plant zones and filtration system, which makes having a pump a necessity. Pumps are also used to supply water to any other water features that work in tandem with the pond.


Filters are used in many types of fishponds, swim ponds, and ecosystem ponds to reduce the workload of the plants and keep the water clean.

Tubing, Pipes, and Hoses

Any pond with a pump will require a system of tubing and piping to circulate water.

Landscape and Structural Features

Unless you intend on having your pond consist of a simple liner in a hole in the ground, landscape and structural features are a necessity. This includes bricks and pavers, wood framing for platforms, rocks, plant life, soil, sand, and gravel.

Optional Installations

There are many features of ponds that are optional but offer great value when installed. Such installations could include pond lighting, a heater, a skimmer, or an aerator to improve the health of plants.

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