Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings for Offices

13 Feb 2020 Pre-Engineered Buildings

If you need a quick building solution, both pre-engineered metal and tilt-up concrete buildings provide excellent solutions. They are both structurally strong, fire-resistant, and can be built incredibly fast. Like all building methods, there are pros and cons to both systems, so it is important to weigh both options before getting started. At Ferro Building Systems, we can help you find the best solution for your needs and ensure that you are set up to succeed with your metal building project.

Should I Use Pre-Engineered Metal or Tilt-Up Concrete for My Next Building Project?

Knowing what type of material is best for your needs can be difficult. Although pre-engineered metal buildings are typically faster to construct than tilt-up concrete buildings, both methods are excellent options if speed is important. Once you know that your top priority is the speed of the construction project, there are other criteria to consider. Some of the benefits of pre-engineered metal and tilt-up concrete as construction methods include:

The Benefits of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

One of the main reasons to work with pre-engineered metal buildings over tilt-up concrete ones is versatility. Metal buildings are incredibly versatile and can be made to look like almost anything you desire with the right aesthetic touches. They can also be custom designed more easily, as the frame components can be added and moved as needed. Pre-engineered metal buildings are much more stable and resistant to seismic activity than tilt-up concrete buildings, although both are equally fire-resistant, depending on the type of finishing used.

The Benefits of Tilt-Up Concrete Buildings

One of the main benefits of tilt-up concrete buildings is that the concrete walls provide both the framework and cladding for the walls, so the structures can usually be constructed less expensively. Another great benefit is that, although pre-engineered metal buildings can usually be constructed faster, their construction time is dependent on the availability of steel. This can often provide a problem if the wrong metal building provider is used and they do not have access to the materials needed. There is seldom a shortage of concrete, so tilt-up concrete buildings are not often delayed on account of the availability of materials.

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