Can I Put Up a Gate on an Easement?

11 Jul 2019 Fencing Products

Easements can be tricky situations to navigate and knowing whether or not you can put up a gate on an easement is important before moving forward with planning and purchasing the gate with a provider. At Vulcan Metal Works, they have a wealth of experience installing gates in all kinds of scenarios and we know how messy things can be if a gate is improperly installed on an easement.

Easements and Gates

There are many types of easements that could be on your property, and whether or not you can build a gate or fence on your easement will be entirely dependent on its terms. Before you can begin building, you will need to know what type of easement is on your property. Whether your easement is with a utility company for power or gas lines, the municipality for a sidewalk or access road, or even a neighbour for a driveway, you will need to look into your easement documentation to find out if you are legally permitted to build a gate on your property.

When Can I Build a Gate on an Easement?

If you are determined to install a gate over an easement, it will need to fit in the parameters of the easement agreement. Even if the easement came with the property when you bought it, you are legally obligated to obey its terms. The gate cannot obstruct the use of the easement for any of the interested parties, so it is important to ensure that you consult with the municipality, utility company, or your neighbour before building.

The most common conflict with a gate being hung over an easement is when it restricts access to a driveway or access road. Some of the best ways to deal with this problem include:

Communicate with the Affected Parties

Proper communication with all affected parties within an easement before installing a gate can prevent future disputes and headaches. Try to come to an agreement regarding the aesthetic and functionality of the gate.

Install an Automatic Gate

Installing a gate with an automatic opener and providing all involved parties concerned with the codes, remote, or key to open the gate can help to ensure that the requirements of the easement are met.

Have the Gate Professionally Installed

Having the gate put in by a professional installer can ensure that it meets any quality requirements of the easement. Although it is your property, the gate will be used by other people and can create problems if it fails.

If you would like to find out more about when you can and cannot put up a gate on an easement, or to learn more about any of their other fencing and gate products and services, please contact Vulcan Metal Works at 604-862-5378 or fill out an information form on their website and they will get back to you as soon as they can.