Reasons to Hire a Commercial General Contractor

23 Jul 2020 Custom Building

Building a commercial space can often be time consuming and complicated, even for builders who are experienced and knowledgeable about keeping a large project going. Choosing to hire an experienced commercial general contractor, such as Twin Maple Construction, will offer a range of benefits that can help ensure that your building project is successful. Some of the main reasons to hire a commercial general contractor include:

1. Single Point of Contact

A general contractor is your single point of contact throughout the entire commercial construction process. Their job is to coordinate with each of the individual trades and suppliers to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly from start to finish.

2. Complete Project Management

A general contractor is responsible for creating a project schedule and notifying trades and suppliers. This includes arranging for building inspections and being onsite to meet the building inspector when they arrive. Any changes that need to be made to the schedule will also be handled by the general contractor.

3. Accountability

In addition to being your single point of contact, the general contractor is also the single point of accountability. Rather than you having to deal with different trades blaming each other for something that went wrong on the jobsite, the general contractor will be responsible for dealing with these issues and finding solutions.

4. Knowledge and Experience

An experienced general contractor will know everything about how a commercial space is built and will understand the best sequence for construction. They will also understand all of the required building codes and other applicable legislation that govern the work that can be done.

5. Risk Management

A reputable general contractor will have the appropriate liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. This will help protect you in the event that workers or bystanders are injured during construction on your property.

6. Cost Savings

General contractors can often get materials and labour at a lower price point. Lower prices for labour and materials for your project can often be used to offset management fees, including the general contractor’s fees.

7. Dealing with the Unexpected

The larger the commercial project, the greater the chance that something will go wrong during construction. An experienced general contractor will be able to handle any unexpected issues that arise by coming up with reasonable solutions as quickly as possible.

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