Reasons to Upgrade Your Facility’s Lighting

22 Oct 2020 Licensed Electrician

If you have a commercial or industrial facility, it is usually worth considering different ways that you can make your operations more efficient and spend less on overhead. One straightforward way to do this that can be affordable and save you money in the long term is to upgrade your facility’s lighting setup. At BNR Electric, we provide comprehensive lighting upgrade services for all kinds of commercial, agricultural, and industrial applications.

Why Should I Upgrade My Facility’s Lighting?

Whether you own a farm, a store, an office complex, or a manufacturing facility, there are many great reasons to upgrade your lighting. Some of the top benefits of lighting upgrades for commercial and industrial purposes include:

1.     Saving Energy

Better lights are usually more energy efficient, meaning that you can save money at the same time as doing something good for the environment. LED lights are one of the most efficient, long-lasting solutions for lighting available, so make sure you ask your electrician about LED options when upgrading your lighting setup.

2.     Better Lighting Quality and Control

Many outdated types of lighting used in facilities produce low quality light and the amount or kind of light produced cannot be controlled. Fluorescents are commonly used in industrial and commercial settings, and they are well known to produce harsh, cold light. Many other types of industrial lights are either not bright enough, too bright, or poor in quality. In some facilities, the lighting setup does not allow for light to reach certain work areas and spotlights are needed. A proper lighting upgrade can solve all of these problems.

3.     Updated Circuits and Fixtures

In some facilities, the lights take a while to turn on or they flicker. This is most often due to outdated hardware being used. A lighting upgrade will ensure that your lights are reliable and safe and it will also usually solve any annoying issues that you might have, like flickering or slow lights.

4.     Customizable Solutions

If you have a certain area of your facility that requires specialized lighting, allowances can be made for this during a lighting upgrade. Whether the area needs brighter lights, dimmable lights, more targeted lights, or better aesthetic quality from lighting, the right electrician can help you come up with a solution during a lighting upgrade.

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