Reasons to Use Precast Concrete for Construction

23 Nov 2021 Precast Concrete

Large-scale construction projects require an extensive list of equipment and materials to get the job done right. While equipment like mobile cranes are undeniably important for any construction project, the materials they lift are every bit as crucial. While various types of wood, stone, and metal are common materials for all buildings, precast concrete has become a popular choice for projects of all sizes. As leading providers of precast concrete blocks, barriers, curbs, and other products, the team at Eagle West Crane & Rigging knows how beneficial these products can be for construction projects. That is why they have compiled a list of reasons to use precast concrete for construction over other popular options.

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4 Beneficial Qualities of Precast Concrete

Precast concrete offers the following qualities and benefits that set it above other options on the market:

1. Consistent Quality

Standard concrete products are poured and cured onsite, exposing them to various weather conditions that can negatively impact quality, composition, and strength. Precast concrete objects are poured, vibrated, and cured in a clean factory environment before they are transported to a project site. This controlled factory setting ensures consistent quality and composition for all precast concrete products.

2. Exceptional Durability

Precast concrete is structurally secure, fireproof, impact resistant, weather resistant, and resistant to chemicals. All precast concrete products are also designed to have a significantly high span-to-depth ratio, allowing them to bear loads more efficiently while reducing the need for additional columns. Each of these qualities ensures lasting durability and security for all types of commercial and residential buildings.

3. Easy to Use

Time is one of the most valuable assets for any construction project. Whether you are building a large condo building or an industrial warehouse, it is worth choosing materials and products that can save time without sacrificing quality. With precast concrete, operations can pre-install utility access, fixtures, and other important elements, saving time and effort. Each product also features accelerated curing, reducing time spend between the casting process and installation. All precast concrete barriers, blocks, and other products can also be immediately installed, eliminating time spent waiting for the concrete to set.

4. Customizable for Your Project

Precast concrete products are built with a variety of moulds and forms, each featuring different curves, bends, angles, and designs. From core and foundational elements to sound barriers and blocks, you can be sure that there is a suitable precast concrete product for your project requirements.

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