Reasons to Use Hardie Board for a Langley Home

5 Sep 2019 Custom Building

If you are looking for siding options for a new home in BC or if you need to reside your current home, one of the options that you should be looking into is Hardie Board. There are many reasons to use Hardie Board for a Langley home and, at Stormview Exteriors, our experience with the installation and maintenance of this type of siding has equipped us to help our clients decide if this is the best product for their needs and desires.

What is Hardie Board?

Hardie Board is a type of cement board siding that has been around for an incredibly long time and is backed up by years of development and testing; all of which has come together to create an excellent siding product. It is used around the world for all kinds and sizes of homes, and different types of Hardie Board have been developed to deal with the weather patterns found in different regions.

Langley Home Siding: Should I Use Hardie Board?

As a homeowner or home builder in Langley, Hardie Board can offer you a wide range of benefits. Some of the biggest reasons to use Hardie Board for your Langley home include:

Durability and Longevity

Hardie Board is designed to last a lifetime. Most Hardie Board comes with a 50-year limited warranty, meaning it will easily outlast other aspects of the exterior of your home. It is also resistant to rot, insects, mould, and weather, making it an extremely durable siding option. The Langley area is no stranger to rain and wind storms, which can lead to the occurrence of mould and rot in regular types of siding, as well as storm damage but, with Hardie Board, this is not an issue.


Hardie Board comes in a range of colours and aesthetic options to offer a variety of home siding looks. It can look just like regular horizontal wood siding or it can take more of a British Columbia craftsman approach by imitating cedar shake shingles. Even if the colour that you have your heart set on does not exist in the Hardie Board inventory, you can paint the siding to be any colour that you want.

Fire Resistance

Because Hardie Board is mostly made out of cement and sand, it is one of the most fire-resistant siding options available. There are many reports of cases where a fire has occurred right next to a home with Hardie Board siding and the only effect on the home was some slight discolouration in the siding.

If you are interested in learning more reasons to use Hardie Board for a Langley Home, or to find out more about the exterior services that we offer, please contact Stormview Exteriors by filling out a form on our website or calling us at 604-308-4731.