How to Remove a Vinyl Car Wrap

17 Oct 2019 Vinyl Wraps

Knowing how to remove a vinyl car wrap will provide you with insights into the steps a car wrap expert will take to remove a wrap without damaging the underlying paint job. At Wrap Guys, they understand the time and effort that goes into removing a vehicle wrap properly. That is why all of their team members are trained and experienced at minimizing the risk of damaging a car while removing a vinyl wrap.

How to Peel Off a Car Wrap

In order to peel a vinyl car wrap off of a vehicle, the technician will:

Work in a Shaded Area

Since working directly in the sunlight can cause the adhesive to bond with the vehicle’s body, making it more difficult to remove, a professional will work inside a garage or in a shaded area.

Use a Plastic Scrapper to Lift the Edges

To remove the wrap from the car, a technician will start by finding the edges of the wrap along the seams in the vehicle body—around the doors, trunk, and hood. Once the edges of the wrap have been located, a car wrap expert will use a fingernail to lift up the edge before sliding the plastic scraper underneath, peeling the wrap back.

Use a Heat Gun

Holding a heat gun about 6 inches away from the vehicle and moving it back and forth to distribute the heat evenly will help the adhesive stick to the wrap rather than the vehicle. As the heat is being applied, a technician will be able to easily tug the edges away from the vehicle.

Pull the Wrap Off the Vehicle

Once the wrap has been heated, the technician will be able to lift the wrap at a 15-degree angle from the vehicle’s body and pull up slowly. This technique will help the technician remove the wrap in a single piece and prevent the adhesive from sticking to the vehicle.

Reheat the Wrap

In the event that the wrap cools down and the adhesive begins to stick to the vehicle’s body again, a car wrap expert will reheat the vinyl near the edge they are peeling. During this process, the technician will ensure that the vinyl is heated evenly to ensure that all of the adhesive lifts off the vehicle with the wrap.

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