Rewiring a Kitchen: Licensed Electrician Tips

12 Mar 2020 Licensed Electrician

If you are remodelling your kitchen, it is often necessary to reassess the electrical setup that is in place. Rearranging outlets, lighting, and appliances can help to refresh a space and make it better suited to your ideal kitchen layout. At Expert Electric, they know that kitchens can be one of the most challenging parts of a home to rewire, which is why they recommend that all homeowners call a licensed electrician to help them with this type of job. If you are planning out how to proceed with a new kitchen electrical setup, they can help offer some licensed electrician tips for rewiring a kitchen.

Kitchen Electrical Setup Tips

Due to the number of appliances present in kitchens and the large draw that kitchens have on electricity, a medium-sized kitchen will usually have no less than six dedicated circuits and each one will require its own breaker. To avoid causing safety issues down the road, it is always best to let a licensed electrician handle the actual wiring and installation work in a kitchen remodel. Some tips to keep in mind when planning out the electrical portion of your kitchen remodel include:

Consider Types of Kitchen Lighting

There are many different options for kitchen lighting, and it is possible to use a combination of styles to provide multiple options to illuminate workspaces. Some types of lighting, like cove lighting and under-cabinet lighting, are installed in cabinets and offer an excellent ambience and will need to be considered with the cabinetry installations. Strategically placing task lighting in areas where you will be working can help reduce frustration later on, and accent lighting can illuminate specific design features or decorations. All lighting should be planned well in advance of the kitchen remodel. The light switches for every fixture should be easy to access and they should make sense so that it is not confusing to somebody trying to turn on the lights.

Planning Kitchen Outlet Placement

Having plenty of electrical receptacles can help to reduce the frustration of constantly having to unplug small appliances whenever an outlet is needed. Spacing out receptacles along the countertops can also ensure that no one area of the kitchen becomes congested with electrical devices. Plan for outlets before installing countertops and backsplashes. Most kitchen electrical receptacles should be GFCI outlets, especially those near wet areas.

Kitchen Appliance Wiring

Each large appliance in a kitchen should have its own dedicated circuit and that circuit is usually 240-volt. When remodelling a kitchen, many people like to be able to move appliances around to make their spaces more convenient. Appliances are usually incorporated into countertop and cabinetry designs, so planning the placement and sizes of appliances well in advance of a kitchen remodel is important.

If you would like to find out more about rewiring a kitchen and the licensed electrician tips that will help you plan properly, or if you would like to learn more about the electrical services they provide, please contact Expert Electric at 604-681-8338.