Rock Landscaping Ideas

16 Jan 2020 Landscape Design

Getting to know some simple rock landscaping ideas can help you create an easy-to-care-for landscape that will look stunning all year long. At Jovak Landscape & Design, they want to help you create a functional and beautiful outdoor space. That is why they offer a range of different landscaping services, including landscape design.

1. Borders Around Grass and Gardens

If you are looking for a simple solution for preventing grass from growing too close to the house, using rocks to create a border might be the perfect solution for you. In addition to helping splatter rainwater away from the house, keeping grass away from the house with rocks can also make it easier to mow the lawn. Similarly, rocks can be used to create a border between grass and garden spaces.

2. Gravel Water Scenes

Consider using gravel, larger rocks, a variety of plants, and animal statues to create a miniature water scene replica. You can easily create the illusion of a small lake or section of a swamp made from gravel, while also using larger rocks and short shrubs to complete the look.

3. Walkways

Rocks can easily be used to create pathways through gardens or across grass. Consider using smaller rocks like gravel for easy-to-maintain pathways or larger steppingstones for smaller pathways across dirt.

4. Retaining Walls

If you have a sloping backyard, oversized flat rocks can be used to a build a retaining wall that will help hold the soil in place, preventing it from sliding downward. In some cases, flat rocks can be stacked to create a solid wall without the use of cement or mortar.

5. Simple Garden Decorations

Consider taking a simple approach by using rocks as simple garden decorations. Utilizing large boulders can be a great way to break up large sections of a garden space. When using rocks as simple garden decorations, make sure to scatter them around and to add a few in large open areas. Strategically placing rocks along the slope of a garden with plants scattered around them can also be used to create an almost art-deco look.

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