Rolling Ladder Safety Standards

26 Nov 2020 Warehouse Equipment

Any time that work is being done at heights, proper safety precautions need to be strictly followed, especially when referring to rolling ladders. Most injuries obtained from falling could have been prevented if proper safety standards had been followed and the equipment was being used as intended. At Unitran Manufacturers, we provide a variety of different types of rolling ladders for use in all kinds of industries, and we understand the importance of sticking to proper rolling ladder safety standards to prevent employee injuries.

Safety Standards for Using Rolling Ladders

Rolling ladders can be extremely convenient for any stockroom or warehouse, but it is important to make all users aware of proper safety procedures and standards. Some of the biggest safety standards to keep in mind for rolling ladder use include:

Inspect the Rolling Ladder Before Use

It is important to check the rolling ladder for defects and damage before using it. Although many ladders are designed to last a long time and resist damage, accidents can happen when equipment is used despite it being defective.

Do Not Roll Ladder with Anyone on It

Most rolling ladders are designed to anchor themselves in place when somebody steps on them; however, many do not and, in any case, it is important to not attempt to move a ladder while somebody is using it. This can easily result in the ladder tipping over.

Do Not Reach Over the Edge of the Rolling Ladder

Rolling ladders often have a wide base to enable them to be used without being in danger of tipping. This base can keep them stable in most situations, but it is still important to not reach too far over the edge of the ladder as this can throw them off balance.

Always Use the Brake

Although many rolling ladders have an automatic brake, it is important to check during each use to make sure that the brake is engaging properly.

Do Not Operate Rolling Ladders on Unstable Ground

If the ground being worked on is uneven or unstable, rolling ladders should not be used. Rolling ladders are best suited for flat, even surfaces, such as retail stock rooms or warehouses.

If you are interested in finding out more about rolling ladders and the safety standards that should apply to them for your specific workplace, please contact Unitran Manufacturers and we can help you to find the best way to use our equipment safely.