Rolling Ladder Safety Tips

4 May 2022 Warehouse Equipment

Rolling ladders can be utilized in a variety of applications due to their simple and efficient design. While these units can undoubtedly enhance productivity for warehouses and industrial facilities of all sizes, they must be used properly to ensure that the operator and surrounding personnel remain safe from falls or dropped items. That is why the team at Commander Warehouse Equipment has compiled a list of rolling ladder safety tips to help you stay safe while on the job.

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5 Tips to Stay Safe While Using Rolling Ladders

To minimize the risk of an accident while using a rolling ladder, consider the following actions and tips:

1. Inspect the Ladder Before Using it

Before using any rolling ladder, it is always a good idea to inspect it to ensure that it will not move while you are climbing it. If the ladder has brakes, check them to make sure that they stay locked when engaged. It is also important to check any rubber attachments that contact the floor to make sure that they have not worn down or fallen off. If the ladder has any signs of wear or tear, it should be fixed as soon as possible before use.

2. Follow All Ladder Regulations

Operators must always follow any ladder rules, warnings, or regulations that have been outlined, either on the ladder’s stickers or in the employee handbook. This especially applies to the maximum load rating, as exceeding this can lead to severe injury. Always consider your own weight alongside the weight of the tools and materials you are using to ensure that you do not surpass the rated capacity.

3. Work with a Partner

When working on a rolling ladder, it is much safer to work with a partner that is positioned on the ground. This individual can hand you tools and other items once you are at the top of the ladder, eliminating the need to carry them up the steps. Working with a partner can also give you an additional set of eyes when moving the ladder, helping to avoid collisions with potential obstacles.

4. Carefully Position the Ladder

Before climbing the ladder, make sure that it is positioned in a way that will allow you to reach whatever you need without moving it. Taking the time to carefully position the ladder will prevent you from needing to overreach, reducing the chance of an accident.

5. Always Use the Three-Point Rule

When using any ladder, it is crucial to follow the three-point rule. In short, you should always have three points of contact on the ladder. This can mean two feet and one hand or two hands and one foot, but never less than 3 points of contact.

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