Safety Equipment for Working at Heights

25 Jul 2019 Safety Supplies

Utilizing the proper safety equipment for working at heights can help protect your employees in the event of a fall. At EFAS, they want to help provide your employees with the proper equipment for working up high. That is why they offer a wide range of fall protection equipment, including:


A full body harness consists of straps across the chest, around the legs, and over the shoulders. In the event of a fall, the harness will protect you by distributing the force of impact over a greater area of your body.


Lanyards are made from flexible lines of webbing or synthetic or wire rope and are specifically designed to secure a full body harness to a lifeline or anchor. When using a lanyard, make sure to keep it as short as possible to help reduce the distance that you are able to fall.

Rope Grabs

Rope grab devices are designed to travel along a lifeline system in order to lock onto it in the event of a fall. Any rope used in a rope grab must be the right diameter and must be installed so that the top of the device is pointing toward the anchor.


A carabiner is a type of clip that is used to attach different components of a personal fall protection system. In order to meet the requirements of WorkSafe BC, a carabiner should have gates that are self-closing and self-locking and have a breaking strength of at least 5,000 lbs.

Lifeline Systems

Lifeline systems consist of a length of fibre or steel wire rope that is attached to an independent anchorage point. In most cases, a lifeline system is used in conjunction with a fall arrest device, such as a rope grab.

Ladder Systems

Ladder systems provide continuous fall protection for workers who are climbing fixed ladders on poles, towers, or tanks. This type of fall protection equipment is specifically designed to connect the user to the system in order to prevent them from dropping from a height.


An anchor (what a lanyard or lifeline is connected to) usually consists of a load-rated strap or a sling wrapped around a substantial structural element on a building. Anchors can be manufactured to be either permanently or temporarily attached to a structure.

Guardrail Systems

Guardrail systems are perfect for providing a simple and easy-to-use fall protection solution on rooftops, mezzanines, stairs, and access platforms. Guardrail systems are available in both free-standing safety railing systems and permanent installations.

If you would like to learn more about safety equipment for working at heights, or if you are interested in one of their safety equipment products, please contact EFAS at 604-294-EFAS or toll free at 1-833-294 EFAS or by filling out a contact form on their website.