Should you Choose Cordless or Corded Makita Tools?

29 Jun 2021 Tools

Whether you are working with wood, stone, or other materials, the tools you use have a significant impact on the quality of the work completed. To ensure optimal efficiency, accuracy, and safety, it is important to choose the best tools for the job. For leading quality and value, look no further than Makita’s lightweight, compact, and powerful cordless and corded tools. Though each type is suitable for a wide range of industries, there are several key differences. To help you understand if you should choose cordless or corded Makita tools, the team at Western Equipment has provided some information on each type. As leading providers of Makita power tools, their team can help you choose the perfect unit(s) for your needs.

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Cordless Makita Tools

Cordless Makita tools feature long-lasting rechargeable batteries that can be used with a variety of different models. This allows users to swap between many different types of tools while using the same battery, optimizing convenience and productivity. By eliminating the need for a power cord, Makita cordless tools offer unmatched mobility and eliminate the risk of tripping over the cord. In addition to mobility and utility, every tool is designed with ergonomic handles that provide a better grip and enhanced comfort. This reduces operator strain by offering the most natural wrist position during use. When you need mobility, utility, and comfort, look no further than Makita cordless tools.

Corded Makita Tools

Corded Makita tools are ideal for jobs that require long hours of labour in both indoor and outdoor settings. In addition to endless run times, corded tools offer enhanced power for difficult jobs, allowing them to use larger attachments and cut through harder materials with ease. This power is further enhanced by consistent output, as battery-powered units may lose a small amount of power as their charge starts to run low. When the job calls for long run times, enhanced power, and unmatched consistency, corded Makita tools are the best choice.

To learn more about their selection of Makita power tools and other supplies, get in touch with the experts at Western Equipment. Their team can be reached through their online contact form and will be happy to help you find the perfect products for your needs.