Signs that You Need to Paint Your House

20 Aug 2020 Painting Services

Rather than spending time and money on repainting the exterior of your home just because a certain amount of time has passed, getting to know the different signs that you need to paint your house will make it easier for you to determine when and how often you should paint. At Dunbar Painting, they know that no two homes are exactly the same and that what works for one house will not always work for another. That is why they offer comprehensive exterior painting services that are tailored to suit your home’s unique requirements.

How to Know When to Paint Your House’s Exterior

In order to determine if you should paint your home, you will first need to examine the exterior for some telltale signs that it needs to be painted. These signs will depend on the exterior elements on your home, such as:

Wood Siding

If your home has wood siding, it is important to inspect the wood for any cracks, rot, or cupping. Wood siding that is badly damaged will have to be replaced before you can paint your home’s exterior. In the event that the wood siding was also previously painted, make sure to look for any signs of chipping paint or paint that has become extremely faded, also known as paint chalking.

Wood Trim

Similar to wood siding, you will need to inspect the wood trim on your home for any signs of rotten wood, chipping paint, or paint chalking. Make sure to also look for any gaps in between the individual pieces of trim that will need to be caulked to prevent moisture from seeping in behind.


If your home has a stucco exterior, it is important to look for any signs of moss or mildew growth that will need to be removed before repainting your home, as well as for any failing paint or fading paint.

Decks & Walked on Surfaces

Decks and other walked on surfaces will often see a lot more wear and tear than other surfaces on the exterior of your home. Since these surfaces may need to be painted more frequently, it is important to keep an eye out for faded stain or chipping paint that will need to be replaced.

Other Surfaces

Other surfaces on the exterior of your home will show a lot of the same telltale signs of needing to be repainted, such as failing paint issues, moisture issues, and moisture ingress issues.

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