Signs you Need a new Fence

27 Apr 2021 Fencing Products

Fences are an important part of any home and yard. In addition to enhancing privacy and serving as a clear divider between property lines, a well-built fence can enhance the curb appeal of any property. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. A damaged and worn-down fence can reduce privacy and damage the curb appeal of a home despite any other features. As leading providers of quality fencing products, the team at Country Lumber has compiled a list of common signs that you need a new fence. Knowing these signs will allow you to accurately monitor the condition of your fence and determine the optimal time to repair or replace it.

Signs That it is Time to Replace Your Fence

It may be time to replace your fence if it is displaying any of the following characteristics:

Holes in the Wood

For wooden fences, a few small holes are often normal and acceptable. Wood is a natural material that differs piece by piece, so some small gaps and holes are to be expected. If these holes and gaps start to expand or increase in number, that is a sure sign of a failing fence. Holes can expand or appear due to insect damage or harsh weather conditions and significantly weaken the structural integrity of the fence. If these holes or gaps only appear on a few boards, replacing the affected boards may be enough. In most cases, however, the entire fence will need to be replaced.

Leaning or Warped Boards

Fences are supposed to stand at a straight 90° angle. If your fence is significantly leaning forward or backward, that can be a sign of improper installation or worn wood. Leaning can also be a sign of changing soil conditions or damaged posts. Regardless of the cause, a leaning fence will often require significant work or replacement to get it to stand up straight again.

Significant Discolouration

As a natural material, smooth wood requires stain and clear coating for protection from the elements. The clear coat and stain can become damaged over time due to sunlight, snow, and heavy rain. If it is not reapplied and maintained regularly, wood can become faded and grey in colour. Once the wood has become discoloured, it is more prone to chipping, warping, and other damage.

Damage from Accidents or Tree Growth

If an object has fallen into your fence or tree roots have grown beneath it, this can drastically damage it. Though most accidental damage can be repaired by replacing certain sections of a fence, significant damage may warrant a full replacement. If accidental damage occurs to an exceptionally old fence, it may serve as the perfect reason to replace it.

To learn more about fencing products and signs that you may need a new fence, reach out to the team at Country Lumber. Their experts can be reached through their online contact form and will be happy to assist you with your fencing project.